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By providing quality training we are building a community of young musicians who are committed to excellence.  

We do this through workshops and sessions incorporating theory, stagecraft, vocal performance, bass, drums, keys, guitar, improvisation, jazz, percussion, composition, song-writing, etc.

Below are some videos showing sessions we have run on a variety of subjects using a variety of songs.

A Richer Musical Experience

Groove Academy's method for teaching music.​​

Guitar Theory

Class I : January 2012​​

Theory with a Context

Using a Coldplay song 'Paradise' to teach theory.​​

Theory & Composition

Class progress up until February 9th, 2012.

A Synergy Session

A Groove Academy rendition of 'American Boy'.

Telling a Story

Using improvisational skills to tell a story.  ​

Synergy / Jazz Class

Clips from a typical Synergy session and from a midweek class  focussing on jazz.​

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