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Model of Work : Building Community Through Music

First and foremost we want to build a community of musical young people, a strong and cohesive group, who can achieve great things as they work together.

We do this by creating an environment  where the
Values of friendship, co-operation and mutual respect underline all that we do.

These values, in turn, define our Ethos 

Oxford Dictionary Definition:


the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations

Our values and ethos empower our Actions, enabling us to make an impact.


Below is our Four R Model, which we use to encourage these underlying values in our students, impacting the culture of the group and allowing for good outcomes. 




​​The Four R's.


This is the starting point for every cycle.

Respect for each other, for the building we work in, the equipment we use, the opportunities given. 



The next step.

Opportunities are given, i.e a song to sing, a guitar piece, a drum solo, helping a new member settle in, etc.

We expect those who are given a responsibility to take it seriously and see it through.

We will give more responsibility (opportunity) to a young person when they turn up for rehearsals, are committed and can be depended on.​




​A job well done, and the opportunity to perform, be it at a local, national or international level.

​The chance to pass on what you've learned to younger, and/or less able musicians.

The opportunity to enter further and higher education in the field of music as you continue to develop your skills.

The chance to make your mark in the fields of music, the performing arts and the creative industries.



These happen when the first two steps are in place.

A good attitude, commitment and dependability bring results. 


A finished song which has been rehearsed well, where the team have achieved something great and where everyone has learned new skills is a great result.​



​This model has been tried and tested by us and is the foundation of our work with the young people who join our Academy.  

With this model in place we are able to work with our members in a meaningful and productive way.

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