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So how do you join?

Fill in the audition form under the contact heading.  This lets us know a little bit about you and that you're interested in joining us.


What next?

When we receive it, we'll contact you and your parents, inviting you to come for an audition.  You'll be expected to perform something for us to show what you can do.  We don't expect all our students to have grades but do expect good pitch, rhythm and musicality.  We will then give you feedback on your performance.  We will also chat to you about your suitability for Groove Academy and find out a bit more about why you would like to join us.  

This will also be your opportunity to ask questions and find out more about us.

When will I know if I've been successful?

Within five days of your audition, we will contact you to let you know if you have been successful and will send you a membership pack and Schedule with details of sessions.

Membership Fees

For details either contact Angela on 020 8255 7584 or you can discuss details during the audition phase.​


What do the fees cover?

Saturday Synergy Sessions and various extra rehearsals in the run-up to performances.


Are the sessions the same every week?

As each project / concert / goal changes within the academy, so the sessions are adapted to fit the  given circumstances.

Extra Costs

Arts Awards

Any of our members signing up for an Arts Award will have to pay the costs involved in obtaining an Arts Award.  This includes, materials, booklets, badges, trips, concerts, and the cost of the moderation (a moderator has to come and assess the finished work and the group has to pay the moderation fee).


Projects / Visits / Trips

Any 'extra-curricular' activity i.e. those thing outside our normal sessions,  could incur extra costs. Transport, lunches, etc
Possible tours, e.g Aberdeen International Youth Festival / staff costs.  Trips to concerts, overseas trips, etc.

Holiday Workshops

Due to government cutbacks, we are no longer funded by the Richmond Youth Service to run workshops.

Any workshops now run, will incur a fee.  Details will be sent out before a workshop is run.

Specialist Masterclasses

We would like to be able to reimburse expenses for specialists who come and give of their time and experience and so will, in some cases, charge a fee.

Guitar Building Workshops

These will incur a fee.  Details will be sent out before the workshop is run.

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