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EVENTS (for more details see History of Events)




We run workshops in a variety of settings.  Vocals, percussion, keys, drum & bass,  song-writing, Jazz, Rock, acoustic.  The list goes on...

street parties


From Jubilee Celebrations, to Olympic Games openers, world cup games to birthday celebrations.

competitions  (press links for more info)

We have entered several groups into the Music for Youth Festival series over the years, having the opportunity to perform in regional festivals.  


We have also reached the national finals twice.  


There are a number of other competitions for young musicians which we are able to support our members in entering.  


Teen Star and Open Mic UK are two examples.  (See links to the left).

Our most recent entry is a song writing competition for under 18's from Song Academy.

special projects

These include two music programmes, Download and Live & Wired, designed and run for the Richmond Young Carers.

solo projects

Over the years we have assisted students with projects for coursework.

A great example of this is a student we assisted in building a guitar from scratch.

From the purchasing of wood, and components, e.g. pick-ups, strings, etc to the design, carpentry and setup.  

We filmed the process and then interviewed the student at the end of the project, so he could explain the whole process to our other students.  

Once the video was complete, he was able to submit it as coursework to his college.


band nights / open mics


We host  band nights  and open mics at various venues in the borough where up and coming young bands and artists have the chance to perform and network with other acts.




As an Arts Award Centre, Groove Academy is able to support young people in gaining an Arts Award.

(for more info press link)

Arts Award



We have supported several charities within Richmond Upon Thames and surrounds.  These include The Shooting Star Hospice, Lynn's Bowel Cancer Campaign, and the Hounslow Disability Network.  



We have participated in three international parades in the last three years.  The Aberdeen International Youth Festival Parade in 2009 and 2011 and the London New Year's Day Parade in 2011.


guitar building workshops

We have run three guitar building workshops since 2008 with funding received from the Richmond Youth Service.

These workshops have been a huge success with amazing end results.

Click on the link for pictures.


We are able to run themed sessions, e.g. music technology, western songs inspired by Indian/African music, song-writing, etc.

We can tailor-make a workshop around your programme and the needs of your students.



We have performed at a number of festivals, locally, nationally and internationally.   Below are links for a few we have performed at.

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