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NEWS : 2017

Chelsea, one of the very first Groove members, performing with Crossfya on their latest single 'Your Kind of Love'  from the upcoming album "You Are My" due for release September 2017.

CrossFya have also just reached No. 1 in the UK Step FWD Christian Charts with their single 'You are My'



Check out their website, FB page and Youtube channel on the buttons below.


The Warehouse Band Nights
Friday 20th January / 17th February / 28th April and more dates to be confirmed throughout 2017
Groove Academy, in partnership with St John's, Hampton Wick are running band nights for local young musicians.  Here are just some of the bands who've performed at the venue this year.  Check out their FB pages.

July 15th was our Groove Academy Summer concert.  Held at our home base, Hampton Youth Project, our young people performed for a packed audience.  Check out the videos below to see our finale!






The 1st of July saw us perform at Hampton Junior School's Fete and Barbecue.













On 11th June we were invited to perform at the Hampton Wick 'Big Picnic' in Bushy Park.  It was a lovely day with lots of people and a great opportunity for us.

In January, we started work on a song writing term.

We began by looking at different ways to inspire the group and get their creative juices flowing.

We split into smaller groups, giving each group a specific word, e.g. happiness, disappointment, love, which they then used as a basis for a song, ensuring that the genre/style of song they created matched the word they had been given, e.g. the group with the word happiness, had to use chords, dynamics, etc that would make the listener feel happy when they heard the song.

Subsequent weeks included each group choosing a physical object to base their song on; creating various atmospheres by using candlelight and by the use of a variety of percussion instruments to change the mood and feel of music, which then enabled the group to create different movements within the instrumental piece.  This created an awareness of the power of music to move people emotionally and to 'feel' when the dynamics of the piece should be built up or eased off. 

We also explored different ways to produce a song, e.g. music first, then lyrics after or vice versa.  We found that most of the singers created a song by writing lyrics, and instrumentalists created the music first.  We also used jamming with both singers and instrumentalists where they created a piece together by feeding off one another's creativity.

The term ended with songs being entered into a Song Writing competition being run by an organization called Song Academy.  Here's their link:






Check out our entries:










Groove Academy Music Mentors

Some updates on our music mentors:  

Chelsea was invited to sing with Crossfya and went out to Tenerife in April to film a video with them for the song 'What Kinda Love is This'.  She had a fantastic time while she was out there and they filmed in an exotic location.  There she is with a volcano in the background!

Once the video is ready we'll put it up so you can hear it.

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